About Curate Mike

I like the desert.  It is one of the three places I can breathe.  Another is the sky.  I spent  over thirty years in aviation: mechanic, engineer, pilot.  Something was always missing for me. A void inside I tried to fill with job after job, career after career.  One day I heard an echo within me of a voice from long ago.  It was the echo of a voice that existed from before time and had spoken me into existence and was calling me back.  It was the voice of Jesus; “Follow Me,” He said.  And now I do.

The journey has taken me from aviator to pastor.  A curate, really, one who cares for souls.  The work of a curate is called “curacy.”  Hence the title of this blog; it is part of my work.  Thinking and reflecting with my fingers about this life and the journey of following Jesus separately and with others.  A curious journey it has been: strange, mysterious, hard, joyful…I think it will be a long journey.  I expect to spend an eternity coming to know an infinite God.

Yes, I like the desert.  It is quiet.  I can breathe.  I can think.  Best of all I can hear.

Come along; let’s journey together for a while.

2 thoughts on “About Curate Mike”

  1. Bill O'Byrne said:

    If the desert is “one of the three places I can breathe,” and the sky is another, what’s the third?

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